Little update to the video player

17th February, 2015 — Laura Kalbag

This morning I’ve made some tiny updates to the Universal Video Player.

Moved icons to centre of buttons

It may seem like a small detail, but every time I focused on the buttons, I noticed that the icons weren’t centre-aligned. After a little bit of pixel-pushing, they’re now looking much better.

misaligned pause icon on button, and aligned pause icon on button
Button icons before and after

Made sound buttons tab order reflect visual order

If you use keyboard navigation, you might’ve noticed that the tab order of the sound buttons (mute, volume slider and captions) wasn’t the same as the visual order. Due to CSS float: right;, the buttons appeared as mute-slider-captions, but would tab in the order of captions-slider-mute. Just wrong and confusing, so I’ve fixed this too.